Another awesome project with a long setup time. But it certainly stands out but I hope the idea doesn’t take off 🙂


This has probably been trending all over this week. The guy took a year to set this up and best of all it got to the right ears.

On my third watch and still stunning, enjoy …………..

Gently does it and an animal is free 🙂

Happy Chinese New year (and for the other one 🙂 ).

Classic Brit comedy on the twists of the language.

Enjoy 🙂



Been awhile. This lady shows you how it’s done ….. in time for those new years resolutions 🙂

things have been a bit flat of late …….. hope all is well with you all 🙂


Something to make one appreciative.

Avagoodweegend all 🙂

Speaks for itself 🙂


It’s been awhile ……..





From Jaime Maldonado the vid owner …..

“I was walking to the store and saw this guy playing by himself. The beat was good so I started recording. By the end of the song 2 other random guys joined. None of them knew each other.”


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