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From Jaime Maldonado the vid owner …..

“I was walking to the store and saw this guy playing by himself. The beat was good so I started recording. By the end of the song 2 other random guys joined. None of them knew each other.”



My visits to Edinburgh never seem to coincide with the Tattoo and so remains on the bucket list.

Drums are always cool, cooler in syncronisation ……………………

It is funny but also way cool. Who wouldn’t like a job where you could display this much passion.
The great man will show up at about 1:20 ish.

Enjoy ….. 🙂

This is one of the best ad’s I’ve seen in a long while.
Have suddenly become a Public Enemy fan.

Exceptionally moving …………… whaddya think ?


A song parody that shows where your food comes from. I thought it original and a reminder of the real world.

Enjoy 🙂


A sunny day, a blaze of colour, nice tune and happy people.

How it should be 🙂

Why ??

Coz it is.

Avagoodweegend ………………..


Recently came across these energetic guys.

Their ‘Smooth Criminal’ version is a killer. Who needs ‘Idol’ ??


A review – Chickenfoot

As I am always moving it can be tricky to keep up with new bands and new albums for that matter.

The sound of a band with members Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani piqued my interest recently. Once acquired, I was quietly impressed with the result.

Old school rock as it should be. Not a classic but some good tunes nonetheless. Some well worded ballads and a couple of good driving tracks mixed in nicely.

One hopes it isn’t a short term money making exercise and they will stay as a group for at least a couple of more albums. It will be enjoyed by those real music lovers that like it live and loud. Far better than the poppy, idoly, lookalike/soundalike machinations that have been dumped on our airwaves.

Maybe I will get a chance to see them live one day so that they can shatter the rest of my ageing eardrums.

Rock on and enjoy.

The Swedes are too clever. This is just the coolest way to get people to use stairs again ….


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