The ‘Watch’ series – Sergey Lukianenko.

With all the current trend of Vampires and their ever present battle with Werewolves it is refreshing to find something original tucked away on the bookshelves. The first encounter was the movie versions of two of the four books. ‘Daywatch’ and Nightwatch’ are Russian written and directed with some flair which enhanced the story very well. After seeing these I gladly picked up the first book and devoured it. Yes there are vampires but they are only a peripheral group in relation to the whole story.

The centre of the series is Anton, a regular guy who does not find out he is an ‘other’ for 30 years. Once he realises and is shown the truth he becomes a seeker of the Dark others and vampires protecting the truce between the dark and the light which has gone on for centuries.

He must get used to the transition of his lifestyle and feeding habits. He does drink blood to maximise his powers of observation. There is a love interest and the battle to win a powerful ‘other’ over to the side of light.

The two movies are a blend of the three of the four books. Alas it seems that no further celluloid editions are to be made. That’s OK though, with or without the films the stories are far better enjoyed through the printed page.

The four titles are Daywatch, Nightwatch, Twilight Watch and Last Watch.

Enjoy and devour ….